Judith Livingston

Varley Workshops 2022

Mixed Media, Music and Acrylic Stain Painting

Sun., Oct. 2, 2022  -  1:00 - 3:30

The Varley Art Gallery -  The Deacon Room

Instructor- Judith Livingston

Class Limit 10

Barcode: 416192 | $34


Participants begin with acrylic stain painting while listening to music, followed by the application of a variety of mixed media, inspired by the music. Expressive mark making and Asemic writing will be introduced in addition to collage which may be added as a finale.


Link to Register for Workshop (Updated Aug. 18, 2022)



SUPPLY LIST:  Brands are interchangeable. Bring what you have


Substrate: pre-stretched unprimed canvas -Sizes: 11" x 14" or  12" x 16"     

                 To be purchased from Instructor at the workshop for $5


Paints:    Acrylic -  Artist or Student quality, Heavy or Soft Body -  your choice

               Colours: Titanium White or White Gesso  plus colours of your choice


Medium: - Matte Medium


 Brushes:  Assorted forAcrylics & ¾" or 1" Flat, if possible. (Bristle or Hog Hair not recommended)

                      toothbrush & sponge brush (if possible)   


    Palette and Palette Knife:

Ÿ  Plain White Styrofoam Plates - or - disposable, strippable palette sheets

Ÿ  Sturdy plastic or Stainless Steel Palette Knife


    Mixed Media Items ( bring what you have)

Ÿ  Thick Primary or Carpenter's pencil (or may borrow from Instructor)

Ÿ  Oil Pastels or Crayons

Ÿ  Coloured Pencils (pencil crayons)

Ÿ  Permanent, Waterproof Markers (i.e. BIC Mark-It, Sakura Micron or Staedtler Pigment liners)

Ÿ  Posca Pens (acrylic)


Miscellaneous: (Many are the typical household items you already have)

Ÿ  Sketchbook for notes and mark making samples

Ÿ  Masking tape

Ÿ  Spray bottle for water

Ÿ  A white plastic table cloth  ( Dollarama)

Ÿ  Plastic containers for water

Ÿ  Paper towels or old clean absorbent towels or cloths

Ÿ  Instructor will bring: collage pieces, unprimed canvas for testing & some coloured markers

 Ÿ  Please remember to bring $5 to class for your pre-stretched unprimed canvas.